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The most important day of your life captured forever.


It is the most important day of your life, and capturing it on video will ensure that your wedding day will never be forgotten. Burning Tree Media is a company with one goal in mind; capture your wedding day in a beautiful and artistic way for you to enjoy forever.

Each wedding is unique. Therefore, no wedding we film will be like the other. We offer detailed packages and spend time before the wedding with bride and groom to understand your expectations and desires. Everything about your wedding video will be handled with care and made to your liking.

We want the chance to sit down with you, talk about your bigday and see if we will be a good fit to work together to make your wedding day unforgettable.




The Elite :: $2500

  • Pre-ceremony, Ceremony, & Reception
  • 3 HD Camera Setup
  • Bride & Groom Interviews
  • Reception Interviews With Guests
  • 3 DVDs Included
    The Elite includes both the Cinematic and Classic packages and adds even more!
    The Bride and Groom interviews allow the couple to share their story or send a special message to each other. We then set up a "booth" at your reception to give your family and friends an opportunity to leave a brief message giving advice or well wishes.

The Cinematic :: $1500

  • Pre-ceremony, Ceremony, & Reception
  • 3 HD Camera Setup
  • 3 DVDs Included
    Simply put, The Cinematic is an artistic approach in which we make your wedding into a short film. Click the image below to see a full-length example.

The Classic :: $1500

  • Pre-ceremony, Ceremony, & Reception
  • 3 HD Camera Setup
  • 3 DVDs Included
    The Classic is for the couple who isn't necessarily into the artsy stuff and would rather have every moment of their ceremony captured in real time. Click the image below to see example of a Classic ceremony.

What's included?


Pre-ceremony - We capture and highlight the location and events prior to the ceremony (pictures, first meet, etc)

Ceremony - The full duration of your ceremony is recorded. The Groom and minister both wear microphones in order to capture high quality audio. Don't worry about the bride wearing a microphone, her voice will be heard through these two microphones just fine.

Reception - High-light focusing on the main events of the reception.

  • Dances
  • Cake Cutting
  • Toasts & Speeches
  • Bouquet & Garter Toss
  • Exit

Bride & Groom Pre-wedding Interviews - Tell your story, send a special message to your future spouse, or just put into words how you feel before you tie the knot.

Reception Interviews With Guests - Allow your guests to share advice or well wishes during your reception. We will creatively edit them together for you to enjoy for years to come.

You want to work with us!

So what's next?


First, we meet. We make time to meet with every client so that your needs are heard first hand. It's important that your needs and expectations are met so our first meeting is the most important. At this meeting we will discuss the details. We'll fill out and sign a contract to ensure that your expectations are understood. At this meeting a $200 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your wedding date. This will go towards the total cost.

Next, we touch base with you a week ahead of time. Details change, we want make sure that we are aware if a change in plans will affect the work we do for you.

We film your wedding!



Contact us to find out how we can meet your video needs.